Application Process

Application Requirements

Application Procedure

  1. Complete and submit the application.
  2. Ask references to send letters of recommendation to ASE’s Admissions Office.
  3. Email your supporting documents to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  4. Complete and submit the financial aid application, if necessary.
  5. Notification of the outcome of your application (approved, denied, waitlisted).

The Selection Process

Admission decisions are based on a review of the candidate’s academic competencies and potential - grades, class rank, coursework, standardized entrance exams, language abilities, professional experience, and character are taken into consideration. Accordingly, the statement of motivation, CV or Résumé, and letters of recommendation are extremely important in providing a complete profile of the applicant. Please note that the application is not complete until ASE has received all supporting documents, including letters of recommendation.

All applicants are automatically considered for a Merit Scholarship. Applicants who require financial aid must complete and submit a separate financial aid application: click here.

ASE Student Testimonials

The African School of Economics provides me with all of the necessary theoretical foundations and research experience to actively participate in Africa’s development. I have had the opportunity to not only interact with great faculty from around the world, but also to gain relevant research experience through the ASE’s work-study program and its Institute for Empirical Research in Political Economy. Furthermore, ASE has given me the opportunity to meet like-minded, motivated students from across the continent who are striving to improve the state of development in Africa. Together, I know that we will take the continent to the next level. Gwladys Vidogbena, MMES, Class of 2017.

No nation can grow without good education programs because having strong economic policies requires trained leaders. I like ASE because it is a school that seeks to train young students to solve problems in Africa by giving them a solid understanding of the African economic context. ASE is a leader and champion among economics schools both across West Africa and the entire continent. Alex Atekou, MMES, Class of 2016.

After spending more than a year and half at the African School of Economics in Benin, I truly believe in the school and its future. I know that ASE will produce strong leaders that will contribute to Africa’s economic emergence. What makes ASE’s programs so strong is that they offer the same level of teaching as programs in North America but courses are tailored to the African context. Though challenging at times, ASE has taught me that I can be the force of change in both my country and my continent. Narcisse Nkwetchou, MMES Class of 2016.

I like ASE because of the high quality of training it offers to students. In fact, almost all the teachers at ASE come from abroad so students receive the same lectures as students in European and North American universities. Furthermore, the fact that all instruction is in English despite the university being in a Francophone country has allowed me to improve my English skills tremendously. ASE also organizes professional and academic research seminars on a weekly basis, I have met and learned from professionals and academics from around the world. Lastly, ASE’s work-study program, not only makes attending the university more financially feasible, but it also gives students research experience that will make them more competitive when applying for jobs. Simplice Sossou Adjisse, MMES Class of 2016.

At a time when Africa is in the process of integrating several projects for the construction of an African Economic Community (AEC), the African School of Economics is contributing a foundation for exemplary integration in the field of education. Beyond ASE’s vision as the largest center for research and training in economics and management in Africa, this pan-African university will contribute to the growth of the African economy through outstanding education, creative research, and effective solutions. Roland Leudjou, MMES Class of 2016.

I believe Africa needs more competent and professional leaders that will drive its economy into the right direction. To become one of these great leaders in Africa you will not go wrong by choosing to study at the African School of Economics. This institution aims to provide quality tertiary education, cutting edge research, and innovative public policy. These are all stepping stones towards the realization of qualified business leaders, scientists and political leaders that will drive Africa towards becoming the best economic continent in the world. Anne Khatali, MBA Class of 2016.

As a student at the African School of Economics, I believe it is a great opportunity for me to study in the international language of English. Since arriving at ASE, I have met many outstanding professors, who come from great universities around the world and have many publications. Moreover, I have met a number of great business leaders and entrepreneurs. These connections would not have been possible without ASE’s professional and academic research seminars. Finally, the diversity of students from across Africa enhances my cultural experience at ASE. Wilfried Fotso Youmbi, MMES Class of 2016.