Ibilola is a Nigerian-American, born in Lagos and raised in Sacramento, CA. This past May, she graduated from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service, with a major in Culture & Politics and a minor in African Studies.

At ASE, there's a lot she hopes to accomplish this year. Primarily, to fully launch the Institute of Financial Management as a competitive consulting arm of the university. She also hopes to expand her research capabilities in the economic, social, and political realms, and help the university in whatever capacity needed. Ultimately, she just hopes to grow professionally and personally.”

Ibilola accepted the fellowship with ASE for several reasons. She claims, “I am extremely interested in Professor Wantchekon's vision of a world-renowned economic institution on the continent - I'm very passionate about the ‘For Us By Us’ ideology. I also wanted to return to West Africa after spending time in Togo and Nigeria.”

So far, Ibilola has felt that ASE is truly a great institution that's passionate about helping their students and the community around them. She commented, “Everyone - from faculty to the students -has been extremely welcoming and I'm excited to work on various upcoming projects, including business plans and an impact-evaluation research project. Benin is also extremely beautiful. I've visited family in Porto-Novo and I'm excited to see more of the country, especially up north.”