The Summer Institute for Economic Research (SIER), established by the African School of Economics (ASE) in 2015, facilitates the establishment of collaborative networks of multidisciplinary research and policy engagement between African academics, students, and policy makers. This year, SIER 2017 will be hosted on the ASE campus in Abomey-Calavi and in Cotonou, Benin (West Africa).

The SIER 2017 program will consist of the following:

Presentation of Research & Research Conference (December 14 - 15)

The session will begin with an opening address by President Leonard Wantchekon. The ensuing panels will focus on the following topics:

  • Institutions and Governance

  • Human Capital

  • Infrastructure

  • Food Security

  • Technology and Development

  • Biotechnology and Agricultural Science

  • Macrofinance

Policy Discussion Roundtable (December 16)

SIER will feature a policy roundtable and discussion with accomplished African social science scholars about the state of development in Africa. The roundtable will offer researchers and policymakers a space to engage in dialogue, leading to greater academic focus on policy-relevant issues. The ASE graduation will take place at the end of the day.

Touristic Excursion (December 17)

SIER participants will have the opportunity to experience Beninese history and culture during a visit to Ganvie.

Trainings on Institutions and Econometrics (December 18-19)


SIER will conclude with two days of training. Edouard Djeutem (Bank of Canada) and Pierre Nguimkeu (Georgia State) will join Leonard Wantchekon and Ian Heffernan (ASE and Princeton) as trainers.