On December 18, 2017, SIER held its first day of trainings for ASE students. Incorporating concepts of Institutions and Econometrics, four lectures from high-profile researcher universities provided the students with an excellent opportunity.

Opening the trainings was Professor Leonard Wantchekon, who gave a lecture entitled “Re-examining Institutions and Governance.” Providing a comprehensive presentation of the concept of institutions, he taught students about the role of institutions on governance and state capacity.

Following the first lecture, Professor Pierre Nguimkeu from Georgia State University provided a lecture on his research project “Randomized Evaluation of Institutions.” Focusing on the key technical elements of his article, Nguimkeu spoke specifically about the methodology of his research, teaching students how to build theoretical models for assessing the impact of institutions on numerous outcomes.

Professor Ian Heffernan of ASE and Princeton University’s lecture, “Partisan Competition, Growth, and the Franchise,” stemmed from a paper written in collaboration with Humberto Llavador and Robert J. Oxoby. Students learned about the linkages between voting rights, political competition, and political institutions at large.


The day concluded with another presentation from Professor Leonard Wantchekon, who lectured on “Electoral Competition under the Threat of Political Unrest.” Students learned about the various threats affecting electoral outcomes, using case studies as learning mechanisms.