SIER concluded on December 19th with two trainings on econometrics and machine learning.

Professor Pierre Nguimkeu of Georgia State University opened the day with the presentation “A Structural Econometric Analysis of the Informal Sector Heterogeneity.” The training was comprehensive and included theoretical explanations, analysis of the informal sector, model descriptions, and test specification, providing students with greater knowledge on various econometric approaches.  

Professor Songbian Zime of ASE gave the final lecture on the contemporary subject of Machine Learning. First defining the various elements of the machine learning field, Zime presented his ongoing research and thesis on the subject.


The day concluded with final remarks from Professor Leonard Wantchekon about the vision and aspirations for ASE students and the institution at large. Wantchekon closed the conference with a final thank you to the lecturers, the organizing committee, the GIMPA delegation, students, and participants.