ASE Communications: What is your name and position held at IREEP/ASE?

Aïchatou Hougbe: My name is Aïchatou Hougbe, and I am the Administrative Affairs Officer at IREEP/ASE.

ASE Communications: Where did you work before IREEP/ASE?

Aïchatou Hougbe: Previously, I worked at Africabourse, a Management and Intermediation Company, as a securities portfolio manager.

ASE Communications: How would you describe a typical day of work?

Aïchatou Hougbe: Once I get to work at 8:30 am, I go about my daily occupations depending on the specific day.

ASE Communications: What do you value most about working at IREEP/ASE?

Aïchatou Hougbe: The main activities I appreciate are the surveys IREEP carries out. I believe these surveys play a vital role in the decision-making of certain economic agents, including the state and the ordinary citizen. The results and conclusions of these surveys, which cover both political and economic sectors, guide the government to meet the population’s expectations. They also allow funders to be informed about where to invest, in order to have the most sustainable impact and effect on people’s lives. The surveys are an essential tool for development assistance.

ASE Communications: How would you say that working at IREEP/ASE has contributed to the development of your career?

Aïchatou Hougbe: This position has contributed to the development of my career in several ways. Firstly, I was trained and educated at ASE. I got my Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) as part of the first cohort of ASE graduates. I acquired theoretical skills in finance which helped me get hired at SGI Africacourse without first having to pursue an internship. Additionally, ASE helped improve my level in English and in computer science. Lastly, it allowed me to gain experience working for IREEP, the research center at ASE.

ASE Communications: How would you describe ASE in 3 words?

Aïchatou Hougbe: Innovation, Leadership, Development

ASE Communications: What is your advice for the future generation of ASE students?

Aïchatou Hougbe: My advice for the future generation of students is first to tell them that they have made the right decision in coming to ASE. They should also get involved in activities offered at ASE (research, work study) in addition to extracurricular activities (internships), which will certainly establish them as successful graduates.

ASE Communications: What is your vision of ASE in 10 years?

Aïchatou Hougbe: My vision is for ASE to become the largest training and research center for senior executives in Africa; a center focused on a variety of subjects where African, European, American, and other international students can come to be trained. I would also like to take this opportunity to also thank the founder of the school, President Léonard Wantchekon, whose ambition for ASE can be measured through his actions.