hounkpatinweb Hounkpatin, Donan

Class of 2017

Benin, MBA

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Previous Degree: Bachelor of Art in Accounting (Second Class Upper Honor).               

What languages do you speak? French and English.

Why did you choose to study at ASE? The African School of Economics gives African students the opportunity to study courses that are of the same quality as those offered in North American universities. In particular, the university’s MBA Program is one of the top programs in Africa.

What do you enjoy most about studying at ASE? The rigorous course curriculum, the diversity of students, and, the work-study program, which has helped acquire new research and technical skills. These components of life at ASE keep me motivated and energized on a daily basis.  

What are your plans after you finish your degree at ASE? After my degree at ASE, my plan is to work for an international organization and also to get a degree in Impact Evaluation, which I find to be an interesting, challenging, and highly relevant topic in development studies.   

What is your current area of research interest? I am interested in corporate finance, especially asymmetric information, financial structures, and ownership control.            

What would your advice be to future students of ASE? You need to be motivated to start your studies at ASE, and you need to be passionate about the course material to keep you going.