Micah Didion: ASE Alumnus Lectures on the Ever-Changing World of Logistics

28th Mar, 202316:27:46 PM GMT


As the world economy becomes ever-more connected and international, so does the student body of the The African School of Economics (ASE). In March 2023, ASE welcomed back its American alumnus, Micah Didion, who gave a seminar to ASE students titled “Doing Business in the Ever-Changing World of Logistics.” Micah received his MBA from ASE in 2020 and originally hails from Madison, Wisconsin. Currently, he is a Sr. Business Development Associate at Flexe, an American company that delivers omni channel logistics programs. Micah shed some light on the current state of the global supply chain, emphasizing how this is something that we are all a part of, whether in West Africa or the USA.

Mr. Didion’s special lecture covered global logistic trends, particularly how COVID-19 caused a supply chain bottleneck and the resulting residual changes in logistics infrastructures setup. Other concepts included onshoring/nearshoring and the reasons why today’s markets are starting to normalize. To finish, Micah gave some predictions on the future of global logistics, proving his shrewd insight and creative analysis on the global economy.

The engaging lecture elicited a positive response from the students and a hunger for more knowledge on global logistics. Many students were curious about what decisions and operations companies need to make when looking to expand their supply chain throughout the market. Micah’s lecture fit in perfectly with ASE’s curriculum on macroeconomics and global political economy, offering both pragmatic advice and theoretical concepts.

A proud ASE alumni, Micah stated :

“ASE helped me learn how to properly research, analyze data, and comprehend how macroeconomic trends are influenced by variables.The master’s thesis process at ASE showed me how to extract information from data and use it to further explain trends, and metrics that we deal with within the global supply chain. These trainings have helped me more easily analyze data here at Flexe, which is important to understand when talking with clientele/prospects who can view me as a trusted source of having a good understanding of what type of market we are in today.”

Furthermore, he provided candid and valuable guidance to present ASE students, emphasizing the paramount importance of regularly practicing English. In his words, students “will need to sacrifice certain joys in life in order to advance… It will pay off in the end with a lot of discipline and work.” He also suggested that it may be necessary to begin with smaller, lesser-known companies when searching for employment in the United States, and then work one’s way up from there, rather than solely focusing on the largest and most prestigious companies at the start.

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