The African School of Economics and Princeton University establish a partnership with the BCEAO.

10th Nov, 202111:31:31 AM GMT


In search for the best opportunities for its students, the African School of Economics Professor Leonard Wantchekon has signed a strategic partnership on Monday, October 18th. It is with the Central Bank of West African States and Princeton University. This partnership is an advantage for ASE’s students and aims to promote the scientific cooperation between the three institutions.

Through this partnership, the African School of Economics, Princeton University and the Central Bank of West African States aim to collaborate on their financial, monetary and economic matters. This will lead to the exchange of information and data relevant to research workshops, meetings and information sessions.

This partnership will permit the exchange of techniques and experiences in the fields of economic, monetary and financial research as well as the exchange programs in research and training.

With the exchange of information, this five-year partnership will produce research projects and joint publications. This will equally allow the coordination of joint scientific events including colloquiums, seminars and conferences. Additionally, the collaboration intends to explore the possibilities for fundraising opportunities for the research. This collaboration, fruitful and promising, can provide participations in training, seminars, workshops and certification programs.

It is through the West African training and banking studies that the Central Bank of West African States has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the African School of Economics (ASE).


Opportunities in perspective for ASE’s students

This tripartite agreement brings new opportunities to the students of the African School of Economics (ASE). According to Dr. Sam Aguey, the dean of the second cycle at ASE Benin, this partnership favors the students’ interests. These students will have opportunities to obtain internships, referrals or jobs through the Central Bank of West African States. Likewise, the students enrolled in different ASE programs could participate at conferences organized by Princeton University and the BCEAO. Additionally, the interventions of monetary experts from the BCEAO on ASE’s campuses in Benin, Ivory Coast and very soon Nigeria is envisioned. According to dean Sam Aguey, ASE’s students will be directly heard by the Central Bank of West African State’s think thank committee on the monetary policy in the sub-region and will have access to the data gathered as part of their research.

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