Joseph Kamara


Previous Degree: I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Economics at the University of Liberia and I was a 2nd year Master student in Regional Science.
What did you choose to study from ASE? My goal is to learn all of the technically practical and theoretical skills in economics that would enhance my professional goals of becoming an excellent researcher. These hands-on skills would prepare me for greater responsibilities in research and I feel the African School of Economics (ASE) is well positioned to enhance my knowledge.
What do you enjoy most about studying at ASE? My best memory is when my colleague and I could spend the entire night in the library or our study room at the student residence solving problems in mathematics, macroeconomics, statistics, and econometrics. It appeared really challenging at first, but gradually went on be not just inspiring but also motivating and fun. We even went on to name the study room at the residence as “the laboratory.” Though there are other great memories, those would be my most unforgettable memories.
Previous research experience: I worked as a Computer Software Instructor before moving on to work at Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) as a Researcher. I spent five years of my professional career at IPA before resigning to further pursue my dream of obtaining a competitive Master’s degree in Economics at the African School of Economics (ASE).
What are your plans after you finish your degree at ASE? I hope to achieve my personal aspirations of helping to solve poverty problems with a specific emphasis on the African continent.
What is your current area of research interest? My research interest is in the area of poverty and inequality.
What would your advice be to future students of ASE? ASE is indeed an open community for students; the interaction with other students is just incredible. Students are always ready to support their peers whenever and with whatever problem they might require support with. I honestly did benefit from this open interaction throughout my first semester mostly due to my limited background in mathematics before coming to ASE.

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