Mariétou Sanogo

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Former students of the ASE continue to testify about the school. One such student is Marietou Sanogo from Mali who is currently working in Nigeria, after obtaining her Master at ASE in December 2016. Mariétou holds 2 Masters: the 1st in actuarial sciences at the Badji Mokhtar University in Algeria; the second is a Master in Mathematics, Economics and Statistics (MMES) from the African School of Economics, a pan-African university based in Benin. Immediately after graduating, Mariétou was recruited as an “Impact Evaluation Field Coordinator” at the World Bank’s Gender Innovation Laboratory (GIL) for the African region. Marietou’s current position is linked to skills acquired at the ASE, as she testifies: “The ASE has improved my English and my skills in quantitative analysis. Now I can effectively use the analytical tools I acquired before and during my training.

What Mariétou Sanogo says about ASE

I liked the committed character of teachers. They give the best of themselves to help students succeed. I also appreciate the School’s efforts to promote quality training for Africans. The future is bright for students of the African School of Economics.

Mariétou Sanogo

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