Robert Gbènoukpo Djidonou



Communication Team: What was your academic and professional background before ASE?

R. Djidonou: Prior to studying at ASE, I got a Master degree in International Economics at the University of Parakou, in Benin. I have worked as a Research Assistant in a research center of the faculty of economics called Laboratoire de Recherche en Economie et Gestion (LAREG).

Communication Team: What skills did you gain from your coursework at ASE?

R. Djidonou: This program was a great opportunity for me. It opened my mind about potential future academic and research careers. ASE also provided to me quantitative skills useful for a good researcher. For instance, the technical skills I gained there helped me successfully finish the Advanced Master in International and Development Economics, co-organized by the University of Namur and Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium.

Communication Team:  Where will you pursue your Ph.D.? Why did you choose to continue your studies there?

R. Djidonou: I will pursue my Ph.D. at the United Nations University-Maastricht Economic and Social Research Institute on Innovation and Technology (UNU-MERIT) located in the University of Maastricht, Netherlands.  The program is more technical and trains individuals to work in the United Nations, International Organizations, national governments, and academia. It highly fits my career objectives.

Communication Team: How did ASE help you gain acceptance to a doctoral program?

R. Djidonou: The fact that ASE’s program is in English and the content of the program itself were both helpful for my admission.

 Communication Team:  How would you describe the student experience at ASE?

R. Djidonou: We have a unique student experience at ASE. Students are involved in several research activities through work study contracts and gain useful experiences for their career.

Communication Team:   What is your best memory from ASE?

R. Djidonou: Peer learning we gain among us students.

Robert Gbènoukpo Djidonou

ASE provided to me quantitative skills useful for a good researcher.

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