Wilfried Adohinzin



  1. What is your name, country and course of study?

Adohinzin Wilfried, Benin, Economics and Statistics

  1. What was your academic and professional background before ASE?

Bachelor in Statistics

  1. What skills did you gain from your coursework at ASE?

My coursework at ASE helped improve my analytical skills as far as economic issues are concerned. I also had the opportunity to work on my programming skills.

  1. Where will you pursue your Ph.D.? Why did you choose to continue your studies there?

I will be pursuing my PhD at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. I choose to study at this school not only because the coursework is well-balanced between the three core areas of economics, but also because they have a very strong department of development economics, which happens to be the field I wish to specialize in.

  1. How did ASE help you gain acceptance to a doctoral program?

ASE played a major role in getting me accepted to this doctoral program. The Pre-Doctoral program through the GRE and TOEFL courses gave me the necessary skills and preparation to tackle both tests. But, first and foremost, I owe this opportunity to the coursework offered at the school, which is rigorous and innovative enough to help us compete with the best students in the world.

  1. How would you describe the student experience at ASE?

The student experience at the African School of Economics, I would say, is incredibly rich. Given that the program is highly demanding, students are pressured to go beyond their limits. Studying in groups helped me overcome many challenges and makes the student experience less painful and more interesting.

  1. What is your best memory from ASE?

Thriving and succeeding at ASE required massive personal sacrifice and investment. Staying up all night in the library with classmates was demanding, exhausting and fun, all at once. Those moments were definitely the best memories I have from ASE.

Wilfried Adohinzin

Given that the program is highly demanding, students are pressured to go beyond their limits.

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