ASE Research

Our Research Institutes

The Institute for Empirical Research in Political Economy

IERPE / IREEP (in French) is an empirical research center created in 2004 and considered one of the top think tanks in Africa. The center has conducted about 30 major surveys on Governance, Public Health, Education, Security, Agricultural Policies, and Electoral Behavior. IERPE has conducted or supervised the implementation of surveys in Benin, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Madagascar, Cote d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali and Togo. IERPE will continue this mission and aim to become the largest survey firm in Africa. Given that statistics and empirical research are at the core of ASE’s curriculum, IERPE is an important asset to the academic programs.

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The Institute for African Studies (IAS)

The IAS specializes in qualitative research with particular emphasis on African history, sociology and anthropology. In addition, the institute will promote African culture through the teaching of African languages, performing arts, and literary events for the community. African history is a major requirement in ASE’s curriculum and the IAS plays a central role in the implementation of this part of the academic program.

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The Institute for Finance and Management

The Institute of Finance and Management (IFM) is the consulting branch of ASE. IFM will provide financial and technical consulting services to local and international corporations on market research, marketing strategies, and human resources management. The institute also conducts original research on finance and management to improve entrepreneurship and private sector development in Africa.

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The Development Research Lab

Supported with a grant from the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA), the Development Research Lab (DRL) will focus on the use of technology to improve governance and the implementation, measurement, and evaluation of public policies and development processes. The DRL will connect computer scientists with governance experts in order to imagine and implement technology-driven improvement of service delivery, particularly in rural areas.

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The Institute of Biotechnology and Agricultural Science

The Institute of Biotechnology and Agricultural Science (IBSA) is a new ASE institution. Focusing primarily on the links between technology, agriculture, and development, the Institute is comprised of three components: the training and education of farmers, research regarding new and sustainable crops, and the production and transformation of researched crops.

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Pan-African Scientific Research Council

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that scientific research is a vital human survival strategy leading to the foundation of the Pan-African Scientific Research Council (PASRC) in 2020. The PASRC’s mission is to bring together a network of African and Africa-focused scientists, economists and professionals who will lead the way in producing world-class research and influencing evidence-based policymaking on the African continent.

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