Inaugural Episode of The ASE Masterminds Podcast.

21st Aug, 202312:24:07 PM GMT


Inaugural Episode of The ASE Masterminds Podcast

Amidst the ever-shifting dynamics of contemporary society, the modern workplace is becoming a captivating crossroads of behaviors shaped by the generational backgrounds of its individuals.

The inaugural edition of the African School of Economics (ASE) podcast, titled "Masterminds," held at ASE Abuja campus, delved into the distinct workplace habits and perspectives on life that set apart Generation Z (Gen Z) and Generation X.

Hosted by ASE Abuja's Communication Officer, Praise Azeh, this engaging dialogue illuminated the divergent approaches towards work ethic, communication styles, and discipline that have arisen between these two generations.

Speaking were Mr. Tanko Abdullahi, a civil servant, seasoned journalist, and accomplished photographer, and Ms. Maryam Ahmad, an media and communications officer. Their contributions offered insightful viewpoints, echoing the influence of the eras in which they came of age.

The conversation commenced with an exploration of critical considerations when seeking or accepting employment. While Mr. Tanko underscored the primacy of passion, Ms. Maryam emphasized the necessity of intertwining passion with financial security, given the prevailing economic challenges.

On workplace attire, both speakers concurred that striking a harmonious equilibrium presents the answer to the divergent generational opinions.

Another focal point was the pivotal subject of prioritizing mental well-being within professional spheres. The participants embarked on a thoughtful exploration of the idea of changing jobs as a response to mental health difficulties or instances of disrespect from peers or superiors. Both speakers converged on the consensus that individuals must accord their mental well-being the same significance as their physical health.

This event was an enthralling journey into the contrasts of workplace habits between older generations and Gen Z. In the face of the ongoing evolution of the professional landscape, harnessing the strengths of each generational group while cultivating comprehension and effective dialogue stands as an imperative for nurturing harmonious and productive workplaces.

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