ASE and Benin Ministry of Development Sign MoU to Foster Collaborative Growth

3rd Nov, 202308:09:42 AM GMT


African School of Economics Partners with Ministry of Development and Coordination of Governmental Action.

In a significant step towards fostering national development and promoting academic collaboration, the African School of Economics (ASE) has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Planning and Development of the Republic of Benin.

This partnership is multifaceted, encompassing research, training, and academic activities. Notably, both institutions will combine their research projects and human resources to generate concrete development proposals for the nation of Benin.

ASE's involvement extends beyond the academic realm, where, through this collaboration, ASE will contribute to the training of ministry executives. Additionally, ASE students will have the unique opportunity to undertake practical internships within the Ministry.

The agreement establishes a framework for joint research activities and scientific collaborations, which may include publications and seminars. These efforts will primarily focus on economic research, economic and social planning, development, and the monitoring and evaluating of public policies and strategic initiatives.

This partnership between ASE and the Ministry of Development represents a promising step towards the sustainable advancement of Benin and the empowerment of its citizens.

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