ASE Benin partners with iSHEERO, a top AI firm in Africa

18th Apr, 202411:36:33 AM GMT


ASE Benin Signs a Partnership with iSHEERO, a Leading AI Company in Africa

With the expansion initiative we have been pursuing for the last couple of months, ASE Benin is thrilled to announce its new partnership with the iSHEERO Beninese leading company with experts and enthusiasts in the field of data science and Artificial Intelligence, actively involved in promoting AI in Benin and Francophone Africa. The collaboration marks a pivotal step towards integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into the educational framework of ASE Benin, aiming to bolster the skills and opportunities available to students.

At its core, the ASE Benin is committed to fostering a symbiotic relationship with the professional realm, aligning with its core missions of training, research, and facilitating the integration of students, interns, and graduates into the workforce. On the other hand, the iSHEERO Association champions a skills development policy that seeks to introduce AI into educational institutions while supporting students in acquiring new competencies in this rapidly evolving field.

The partnership between ASE Benin and iSHEERO is founded on the principles of cooperation, mutual benefit, and a shared vision for the future of education. By leveraging each other's strengths and expertise, the two entities aim to create a synergistic environment conducive to innovation and growth.

Key areas of collaboration include the establishment of an AI and technological laboratory at ASE Benin, which will serve as a hub for experimentation and research in AI-related fields. This initiative will not only provide students with hands-on experience but also facilitate the integration of AI technologies into various academic disciplines.


Moreover, the partnership entails the involvement of teachers and professionals specializing in AI or related fields, who will contribute their insights and expertise to enrich the learning experience at ASE Benin. Collaboration on projects and research activities will further expand the horizons of students, allowing them to explore interdisciplinary domains and tackle real-world challenges.

One of the notable aspects of the partnership is the emphasis on enhancing the skills of their 2nd year Master’s students, with a focus on facilitating international article publications and theses. This initiative underscores the commitment of both ASE Benin and iSHEERO to nurturing a generation of scholars equipped to thrive in the global academic landscape.

Additionally, ASE Benin students will have the opportunity to participate in training programs organized by the iSHEERO Association, further broadening their exposure to AI technologies and applications. Academic and professional internships will also be facilitated, providing students with valuable hands-on experience in real-world settings.

Collaborative efforts will extend beyond the classroom, with joint organization of seminars, conferences, and training workshops aimed at fostering knowledge exchange and networking opportunities. Furthermore, the exchange of scientific information will facilitate ongoing dialogue and collaboration between ASE and iSHEERO, ensuring the sustainability and relevance of our partnership.

Our partnership with iSHEERO represents a significant milestone in the integration of AI into education. By combining their efforts and expertise, the two entities are poised to empower students with the skills and opportunities needed to thrive in an AI-driven world. As they embark on this journey together, ASE and iSHEERO are committed to fostering innovation, collaboration, and excellence in education.

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