Mission & Values


Our aim is to be at the frontier of research in political economy, economic history, development economics, finance, and education, We are creating the next generation of African scholars and development practitioners, through excellence in teaching and research, informed by African perspectives.

Our Core Goals

  1. At all international gatherings and discourses on African development. ASE is a prominent presence. ASE scholars are producing cutting edge economic research and giving voice to the African perspective on pressing global development issues,
  2. ASE will be recognized globally as the academic leader on economic development issues such as Microeconometries applied to historical events, educational inequality, and social mobility.
  3. ASE Will have a Significant presence at major development organizations globally, as well as in government and the private sector,
  4. Through innovative entrepreneurial ventures and applied research, ASE graduates will have created scores Of businesses that are solving real problems across the continent and generating massive employment opportunities for African youth,
  5. ASE will have embraced the young African diaspora (example, from the U.S., Brazil, Latin America and the Caribbean), positioning them globally to become renowned scholars and leaders in government and the private sector,

Our Values

Excellence in teaching

We deliver a state-of-the-art curriculum to our students, equipping them with the foundations to be competitive and succeed at the international level.

Excellence in research

Cutting-edge applied research is our hallmark. We demonstrate excellence in publishing in top-tier journals, and in disseminating our findings at global conferences.

Pan-African & International Connections

Faculty, staff, and students come from all over Africa and include members of the global African diaspora. The ASE community is committed to developing a strong pan-African identity by embracing international connections


We foster socially conscious, innovative entrepreneurs who contribute to African prosperity by taking an active role in it.

Service to Society

ASE faculty, students, and alumni wish to give back to African societies by engaging in policy debate and policy making.