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Support ASE’s Transformative

Since its inception in 2014, the African School of Economics (ASE) has had tremendous success in giving young Africans access to the highest standards of education. ASE is committed to creating equal-opportunity access for indigenous African talent. Our graduates go on to top US, Canadian, and European doctoral programs, take positions at research organisations, and start their own enterprises. ASE’s goal is to prepare its students for roles that shape the continent’s future. We do so with frontline pedagogical methodologies and with a globally preeminent teaching faculty.

As part of its equal-opportunity vision, ASE also offers academic scholarships to African students from the most modest economic backgrounds, who conventionally would not have access to this quality of schooling.

With your help, ASE can extend scholarship opportunities to many more deserving young Africans, as well as increase our teaching faculty and facilities to accommodate more students, from every economic background.

With Your Support

ASE can:

  • Expand access to a new model of equal-opportunity, global-standard education for young Africans across the continent
  • Train economic leaders in Africa who will shape the continent’s development
  • Grow a vibrant community of world-class scholars who will address Africa’s most daunting challenges from an indigenous perspective
  • Promote Africa’s cultural heritage through scholarly inquiry

Support ASE’s Transformative

How can you help?

Student Scholarships

We can sustain and expand our vision of providing the best academic opportunities to young African talents who are typically unable to access them.


We can acquire the resources that are vital for our mission:

  • Academic buildings with state of the art equipment at our newest campus in Abuja, Nigeria
  • IT infrastructure to support connectivity, learning and research across ASE
  • Dormitory space – we welcome international students from across Africa who will together form a community of shared cultures and ideas in their living environment

Preeminent Faculty

We can give our students instruction and mentorship by scholars and researchers trained at top institutions

Students Speak

"At the end of my training I would like to work in a development institution or organization within the field of governance and political economy. I will continue conducting research while gaining at least two years of professional experience before completing my training with a PhD in Public Policy, focused on political analysis and program evaluation. This will allow me to become more efficient in my work."

Nafissatou Lamidi

"I came to ASE seeking to combine serious training in economics with the chance to live in the region of my academic interest. I also look forward to joining IERPE's research agenda in order to acquire more experience in development economics."

Julio S. Solís

"My goal is to learn all of the technically practical and theoretical skills in economics that would enhance my professional goals of becoming an excellent researcher. These hands-on skills would prepare me for greater responsibilities in research and I feel the African School of Economics (ASE) is well positioned to enhance my knowledge."

Joseph Kamara

"ASE allows me to gain useful technical skills in economics, statistics and mathematics as well as a series of software, which allows me to be effective and efficient in applied research and professional writing. Most importantly, my skill in English has improved enormously such that I feel confident of pursuing my dream of obtaining a PhD at a top university in the US or the UK."

Estelle Kamhoua

"ASE offers an incredible opportunity to explore and acquire the knowledge necessary for success in each program offered. For example, I enjoyed the improvement English and Mathematics courses offered at the beginning of the first semester. I also greatly appreciate the availability of ASE's professors and administration, who work hard to help students achieve their goals. In particular, the PiAfs (Princeton in Africa Fellows) have helped me remarkably not only with strengthening my English but also with familiarizing myself with North American writing methodologies."

Patel Gbedjemaiho

"I chose to study at ASE because of the English curriculum, which I hope will prepare me for pursuing a Ph.D. in the United States."

Lucie Assonfack