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Pan-African Scientific Research Council (PASRC)

About the Pan-African Scientific Research Council

The Pan-African Scientific Research Council is an association and network that brings together African and/or Africa-focused researchers and professionals, with the goal of promoting research collaboration, career development, and policy & public engagement. The Council’s thematic areas are social sciences; biomedical sciences; agricultural, energy, and environmental sciences; and applied mathematics, computer science, and statistics. The Council has garnered tremendous interest from researchers and professionals, and currently has 500+ confirmed members categorized as Fellows, Junior Fellows, Senior Members, Members and Associate Members. Council members represent 62 countries, out of which 38 are African. In 2021, 2 African Research Associates and 3 African Faculty Fellows were added to the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) following advocacy by the PASRC.

Research collaboration efforts will be focused on promoting scientific advancement in Africa by encouraging increased productivity among Council members and giving visibility to knowledge produced within the Council. The Council will publish Research Agendas that will reflect the pressing needs that the African continent faces, and cultivate a space for its members to collaborate to generate research on these issues. It will also leverage its website, events and upcoming journal, the Pan-African Scientist, to disseminate and elevate research produced by Council members.

Career development efforts will be aimed at developing the skills of younger Council members. For instance, researchers who are primarily publishing their research in local journals will be empowered to aim for international journals, and those publishing in field-specific journals will be empowered to aim for interdisciplinary journals. The Council also hopes to provide mentorship and career development workshops for young scholars.

Evidenced based policy and public engagement efforts will be aimed at policymakers, the private sector and youth. The Council will bring its members’ research findings to policymakers in an attempt to influence evidence-based policymaking on the African continent. Similarly, it will bring cutting-edge research to the private sector in Africa in an attempt to bolster businesses and industries. Engagement with youth will focus on promoting scientific pursuits among African youth through activities such as scientific competitions and talks by Council researchers.

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